Top 10 Summer T-Shirt Design Trends 2022


We are absolutely positive this will be a summer to remember, so you’d better get your POD ready with trendy t-shirt designs people are looking for. Get ready to boost your sales with these summer t-shirt design trends for 2022!

Top 10 Summer Did you know that cool graphic tees have been around since the 1950s? So it’s safe to say that this particular garment is pretty much immortal, not just a seasonal trend.-Shirt Design Trends 2022

Another great thing about t-shirts? They’re perfect for summer. Their confection is ideal for covering up while you stay cool outdoors, they are versatile for you to wear all through fall when you can layer them and pair them up with a blazer.

Now let’s get to the most popular trends you’ll be looking at for summer 2022.

Protest T-Shirts

Times have been hard and testing, however individuals from everywhere the world are supporting equity and balance and tracking down power in their voices.

Fight messages in clothing, including Black Lives Matter shirts, are not drifts as such, yet they are social developments upheld by many individuals, including visual specialists, architects, and POD venders who need to remain against foul play on the planet.

Custom Graphic Tees

Your name, your sign, your long stretch of birth… We all adoration a shirt that gives a little private clue about ourselves; it some way or another forms additional certainty while strolling down the road or the ocean side.

Custom tees can have clever designs that are perfect for a mid year day laying in the sand while tasting a chilly refreshment or to remain at home and have a selfie meeting. The thing is to avoid plain tees!

Hip Hop Graphic Tees

Hip bounce has progressed significantly in style since the last part of the 1970s. Many years after the fact, music is as yet assuming a critical part in impacting the manner in which individuals dress.

From the underlying foundations of hip jump, old school style, to the most electronic side of the class, the embodiment of this music is mood and a powerful discourse. An entire subculture has arisen starting from the beginnings of hip bounce, and visual computerization has taken a huge part in extending this culture into various craftsmanship articulations.

Vaporwave Aesthetic Clothing

This pattern is about the 80s and 90s wistfulness. Whether you’re a millennial or centennial, this stylish talks about something you can connect with.

A mix of mixtapes, tape players, CDs, and a synth-pop energy, this nostalgic stylish additionally has a couple of accents of current Japan. The following are a couple of tips to accomplish this sort of look with your plans:

Summon the works of art, like Roman sculptures and 3D exemplary artistic creations.

Utilize compositional 3D conditions like pools, Art Deco lodgings, and royal segments.

Unique waves and 80s roused illustrations.

Cybertrends like Windows 98 visuals with an unpretentious error are wonderful to make a vaporwave realistic.

Anime Graphic Tees

These are the ideal tribute to manga characters, and to show love to Japanese mainstream society. Construct your style around an anime stylish that can turn either charming and heartfelt or puzzling and risky.

We should discuss the anime tasteful briefly:

Anime idea for the most part revolves around lovely and eye-satisfying sytheses, so pretty much every person looks beautiful.

Pastels and shines are essential for anime visuals to make all the difference for the dream vibe.

Characters are exceptionally expressive, so they can either look very cheerful, irate, miserable, upset, or enabled.

This mid year pattern can be impeccably brought together with biker shorts and high tennis shoes, or with rare looking denim shorts.

Flamingo Pattern

According to Placeit’s Trends & Industries Report, pink flamingos are making a comeback for the summer, so don’t miss out on those tropical vibes!

Throughout the years, flamingos have been a hot party trend for summer, but why is this animal so popular? Let us point out a few things that make this bird a great summer icon:

  • They are uniquely colorful. Did you know flamingos get their orangy pink color from natural pigments in what they eat?
  • They look majestic with their long legs that sometimes they tuck into their plumage.
  • They are mostly tropical birds that live around lagoons or lakes, pretty much like we all do all summer long.

When exploring flamingos for your t-shirt design, you can find a variety of styles when customizing it. You can go from contemporary neon to a retro look.

Positive Message T-Shirts

We can all concur that 2021 has been a peculiar, testing year, yet that doesn’t mean those beneficial things are good and gone.

Design can be elevating, and you can understand style, bring issues to light about flexibility, and being inspired through troublesome times.

Shirts with positive messages won’t change things just by wearing them, however assuming you integrate them into regular day to day existence, the words can run over to somebody who has been requiring it.

Likewise, beginning a wellbeing routine to begin your day can bring you relentlessness until the end of the day.

Begin your mornings from a positive ground, and it’ll assist you with moving your point of view.

Self Love T-Shirt

Placeit’s Content Team also found that self-love and kindness are popular among social conversations these days.

From challenges to skincare to clothing lines, loving yourself is a great message to carry during days of uncertainty and social distancing.

Stress relievers are more critical than ever, and they should be non-negotiable for you to put yourself first.

Self-care is one vital value to keep in mind, and a t-shirt to feel empowered can get you on the right mindset.

Pride T-Shirts

June is the authority pride month, yet since time is comparative with 2021, schedule rules are twisting as much as sexes. Wear your pride the entire year!

You are essential for a local area with a solid feeling of having a place, so wear it gladly. Wear your varieties with satisfaction and let everyone in on that balance matters and, eventually, love wins.

Additionally, know that there’s excellence in variety, so while offering LGBT shirts incorporate a scope of plans for non-double, gay, sexually open, transsexual, and everybody that recognizes as a feature of this assorted local area.

Back Prints

Printing powerful statements on the back of t-shirts is one original way to get a message across.

This trend is not only for people who have something bold to say; even companies are starting to do this to build an influential company culture.

Bonus Guide: How to Style Graphic Tees

Once you’re ready to promote your summer designs, make sure to style them properly. Seriously, who doesn’t have at least ten t-shirts in their closet? You can pull off tons of looks that can go from comfy to stylish when done correctly. Here is a list of tricks to style them and really sell the garment as part of a whole look for summer:

  • Graphic tees go great with flowy, colorful skirts.
  • Novelty jeans can really upgrade a tee when paired up with heels.
  • Shorts and sneakers are the perfect matches for graphic tees during the summer, especially for coastal cities.
  • Tees and kimonos are also a super modern trend that looks great and feels comfortable.
  • Colorful accessories can lift a look when they contrast enough with your t-shirt color.
  • White skirts, jeans, or shorts are a never-ending trend for summer, and they are the perfect complement to drive attention to the t-shirt.
  • Ripped denim and a t-shirt with a knot are the ideal way to state that it’s summer, and you’re fully invested in relaxing.

As you could see, all through the guide above, mockups are a great way to style your tees beautifully without worrying about models or sets, just pick the right setting, and your designs will come to life.

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