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Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis


By: disasterphilanthropy After months of posturing while simultaneously denying any plans to attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assaults on multiple cities in Ukraine began overnight on Feb. 24 and have continued day and night since then. Related Brent Renaud, an American journalist, is killed in Ukraine. Nytimes.com The Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s (CDP) response to this crisis is […]

How much of Ukraine is under Russian control?


This article is about Ukrainian temporarily occupied territories. For Russian military invasion sequence, see Russo-Ukrainian War. For other occupied territories worldwide, see List of military occupations. The “temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine” (Ukrainian: Тимчасово окупована територія України, romanized: Tymchasovo okupovana terytoriia Ukrainy) were defined as such in Ukrainian law following the Russian military occupation that […]

Conflict in Ukraine poses immediate threat to children


UNICEF is working to scale up life-saving support for children and their families. The conflict in Ukraine poses an immediate and growing threat to the lives and well-being of the country’s 7.5 million children. Humanitarian needs are multiplying by the hour as fighting intensifies. Children have been killed. Children have been wounded. More than a […]

Russia-Ukraine live news: Moscow blocking access to Facebook – aljazeera.com


As war continues, Kyiv and Moscow trade accusations at UN over attack on Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. NATO rejects Ukrainian calls to establish a “no-fly zone” amid Russian attacks. Multiple news outlets say they will pause their work inside Russia citing a new law that could mean jail for those found to be intentionally spreading […]

In New York, home to more Ukrainian immigrants than any U.S. city, residents mobilize to send support – Washingtonpost


NEW YORK — The Gatsby Social Club is a red-walled hideaway in Brooklyn where young Eastern European immigrants gather for mafia-themed role-playing games over coffee. But after an urgent appeal posted on social media this week, the club morphed into a factory churning out humanitarian supplies for Ukraine. Volunteers skipped work and ditched classes to […]

As Ukraine struggles to count war casualties, families bury the dead one by one – washingtonpost


KYIV, Ukraine — Even as the boom of outgoing artillery shells sounded every minute, Oksana Shlonska was determined to bury her husband. He was killed by gunfire last Sunday, but the war had prevented his final rites. First, the autopsy took days due to the numerous corpses arriving at the morgue. Then, on Thursday, a […]

+20 T-Shirt designs USA support Ukraine. American Stand With Ukraine.

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The political situation in Ukraine is extremely complicated. Russia started a war and many people do not support it. As an American, I don’t support that either, I stand with Ukraine. To make that even more obvious, get yourself a t-shirt with your support for Ukraine printed on it. There are a ton of great […]

White House responds to Russia’s decision to put deterrence forces on high alert – By Sam Fossum, Arlette Saenz and Devan Cole, CNN

Washington – White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to put Russia’s deterrence forces, which includes nuclear arms, on high alert is part of a wider pattern of unprovoked escalation and “manufactured threats” from the Kremlin. “This is really a pattern that we’ve seen from President Putin through […]

Kyiv city authorities say they are strengthening defenses after a “calm” night – From CNN’s Ivana Kottasova and Olga Voitovich in Kyiv

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The Ukrainian capital had a “calm” night on Sunday, Kyiv City Council said Monday morning — but authorities warned residents should remain home as fighting continued. Related: Is the Ukraine-Russia meeting a path forward or political sideshow? – Analysis by Nathan Hodge, CNN. “Overall, last night was calm, excluding some skirmishes and fights with sabotage […]

Is the Ukraine-Russia meeting a path forward or political sideshow? – Analysis by Nathan Hodge, CNN.

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Moscow (CNN)The stage is set for a meeting between Russia and Ukraine Monday on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, near the Pripyat River. Is this a diplomatic breakthrough or a political sideshow while Russia continues its offensive in Ukraine? Let’s be clear what this isn’t: The meeting is not a summit between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and […]