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The Heikoff Giant Dome Theatre Presents ‘Morbius’

The Fleet Science Center is home to Southern California’s only Giant Dome Theater, known as the Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Giant Dome Theater. Immersive Experiences in the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater include IMAX movies, documentary films and cutting-edge educational programming. “Morbius“— One of the most compelling and conflicted characters in Sony Pictures Universe […]

Why Marvel and DC Constantly Restart Comic Series Over With Issue New !

Both Marvel and DC shift repeatedly release new “First Issues” for their long-running characters – but is that necessarily a good thing? Both Marvel Comics and DC Comics are home to characters with decades of history. Their numerous superheroes and villains have lived through such historic events as the war in Vietnam, the rise and […]

Doctor Strange and the members of the superhero team Midnight Sons appeared in the MCU

There are many groups of superheroes in the Marvel universe, even each with different goals and opponents. The Midnight Sons are essentially Marvel’s supernatural group of Avengers, which gather together whenever the universe is faced with mystical threats beyond Doctor Strange’s ability to handle. Here are the Midnight Sons who appeared in the MCU: 1/ […]

Marvel’s Most Powerful Hero Just Got a Cosmic Secret Origin New

As the Defenders travel back through Marvel history, they discover two cosmic gods whose identities reveal new truths about the ultra-powerful Sentry. In a brand new preview for Defenders #5 from Marvel Comics, the superteam encounters the battle of Lifebringer One, aka the First Sentry, against the Anti-All, otherwise known as the Primal Void. The […]

Hot ‘Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac Embraces the Madness in First Trailer

Stream the brand new series on March 30. Moon Knight has arrived. A brand-new trailer for the upcoming Marvel Studios’ series of the same name, along with the first look at a new poster, debuted during the NFL Super Wild Card matchup giving viewers a glimpse of the madness that will soon engulf star Oscar […]