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+20 T-Shirt designs USA support Ukraine. American Stand With Ukraine.

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The political situation in Ukraine is extremely complicated. Russia started a war and many people do not support it. As an American, I don’t support that either, I stand with Ukraine. To make that even more obvious, get yourself a t-shirt with your support for Ukraine printed on it. There are a ton of great […]

Peacemaker review: The perfect Suicide Squad chaser is on HBO Max today – Cnet

John Cena and James Gunn debut a surprisingly introspective tale in the Suicide Squad sequel TV series. Peacemaker sets out its stall right from the start. The opening credits, set to the brash riffing of Norwegian glam metal band Wig Wam’s Do Ya Wanna Taste It, are unexpected and funny. But when the initial amusement […]

New ‘Peacemaker’ Clip Showcases a Crying John Cena – Collider

Watch Peacemaker have a full-blown meltdown. In the newest clip from the DC series Peacemaker, which will be airing its first three episodes on January 13, John Cena‘s titular anti-hero has a good ugly cry and laments certain attitudes he has had in the past. In the short clip, Christopher Smith (Cena), like a broken-hearted teenager, puts […]