Buba Fett Star Wars T-shirt

Buba Fett Star War T-shirt

If you are a fan of the Star War series with the vast universe, the characters, especially Boba Fett, then here are the things you should not miss.

Buba Fett Star Wars T-shirt

Boba Fett was a renowned human male Mandalorian bounty hunter of Clan Fett whose career spanned decades, from the fall of the Galactic Republic to the end of the rule of the Galactic Empire and the era that followed where he ascensed as ruler of Mandalore. Originally code-named unit A0050, he was an unaltered clone of the famed Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. Boba emulated his father and genetic donor by wearing a customized suit of Mandalorian armor. His personal starship was the Slave I, a Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft that once belonged to Jango. Trained in combat and martial skills from a young age, Fett was one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. He became a legend over the course of his career, which included contracts for both the Empire and the extensive criminal underworld.

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Apart from his pay, which is considerable, Fett demanded only one thing: an unaltered clone for himself. Curious, isn’t it?
Pure genetic replication. No tampering with the structure to make it more docile, no behavior modification and no growth acceleration.“―Lama Su and Obi-Wan Kenobi, about Boba Fett

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